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Client Recommendations

24th July 2022 - R Smit

Lockbox was a great experience from the start to the finish. I was super impressed with the management and outstanding customer service. 

It was only meant to be a 2 month stay, which dragged out to almost a 18 months.

When there were disruptions around the site (ie.) road works we were always kept in the loop from the management team, which saved me a trip from out of town.

Information regarding a power cut was passed on via email and also saved any unnecessary trips.

Covid times were very well managed with up to date emails to keep all parties safe and reassured.

The bond was paid and a email was sent to inform me of the date that it was to be paid and also the account it was to be paid into.

Security is up to date with the modern cameras and the walk around the complex by the staff to check that doors are secure.

Thanks to the great team at Lockbox Storage.


5th April 2022 - B & W McKay

We recently used Lockbox Storage to keep our house lot of furniture until our new home became available. We found them to be very secure, dry and reasonably priced. We highly recommend them. Thanks Denise.


21st March 2022 - L Youngman

Lockbox have been great.  The units are modern, clean, tidy and secure.When I’ve been in there on my own, I feel safe knowing cameras are operating. I thoroughly recommend these facilities.


7th July 2021 - D & A Elvy

We wish to express our appreciation and help in organising a facility for storage of our household contents, furniture and shed tools and equipment whilst awaiting to get into our new home. We found your facility clean, tidy, dry and dust free with easy access. The assistance and willingness from Denise in the office was beyond what one would expect and much appreciated. Once again thank you.


28th June 2021 - B Ambury

We were looking for short term storage after selling our home in Christchurch and struck it lucky with this organisation. From the moment of first contact to the time that we vacated the storage shed the service was efficient, courteous and informative. The facilities themselves were impeccable with good access, nice wide areas, they weren’t pokey and annoying like some… with good ventilation and lighting. I would highly recommend A+++++! Thanks Denise and team!!


10th November 2020 - J & J Galt

“We have recently required the use of two storage units at the Lockbox Storage facility in Rangiora. A big ‘thank-you’ to Denise for her prompt and helpful reply to our initial enquires, and her ongoing cheerful and professional assistance during our visits to the units. The units were clean, modern, and secure, and very well maintained and easy to access. We would definitely recommend.”


4th March 2020 - J & J James

“ We hired out ‘Lockbox’ for approximately 3 months to store a complete house lot of furniture and a vehicle, the large size and  handy location of the storage units was the attraction and was presented clean, accessible and secure.

Also the welcome from Denise was friendly, accommodating and very efficient and she is the ideal front person for the company “


11th June 2018 - J & Y King

We needed to store a lot of house clutter prior to putting our Christchurch house on the market, and as our new house was being built in Rangiora, we decided that using a storage facility near Rangiora would be best. After looking at a few options, we visited The Lockbox, had a chat with Denise, and looked at the different sizes of storage units. The whole facility is clean and bright, the internal driveways are in good condition, and the units are dry, well constructed and secure. After deciding what size unit we needed, we signed up for one on the spot with the very efficient Denise, and have been extremely satisfied with it. Entry to the compound is easy via keypad at the main gate, and we had no issues coming and going during the months we rented the unit. Denise is on site in the mornings, and always had a smile and a wave. We would wholeheartedly recommend LockBox for your storage needs.


7th December 2016 - I & H Cadwallader

After our fifth move since the September 4th earthquake we needed storage space prior to moving into our new house in Fernside and having driven past The Lockbox in Fernside Rd several times, decided to ring and make an appointment to have a look seeing we had a date when we had to leave our rented property. We were offered two sizes of units and initially thought the smaller one would be satisfactory, but when we started shifting our things in soon realised we needed the larger unit, and it was no problem so far as the company were concerned to change to the larger unit.

We filled the selected unit, and during the time we had the unit we made many visits to get things we needed and eventually moved all our belongings out of the unit with many trips using our own trailer.

At no time did we ever have any problem getting in our out of the Lockbox facility either the main gate or our unit door, which had a very secure type of lock on it, and while our stuff was in the unit there was no sign of any condensation on anything because of the excellent ventilation and if we ever needed to, we would use Lockbox again; just to see Denise’s smiling face.