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R Smit

Date: 24th July 2022

Lockbox was a great experience from the start to the finish. I was super impressed with the management and outstanding customer service. 

It was only meant to be a 2 month stay, which dragged out to almost a 18 months.

When there were disruptions around the site (ie.) road works we were always kept in the loop from the management team, which saved me a trip from out of town.

Information regarding a power cut was passed on via email and also saved any unnecessary trips.

Covid times were very well managed with up to date emails to keep all parties safe and reassured.

The bond was paid and a email was sent to inform me of the date that it was to be paid and also the account it was to be paid into.

Security is up to date with the modern cameras and the walk around the complex by the staff to check that doors are secure.

Thanks to the great team at Lockbox Storage.

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